Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex not only on the Adriatic, but in the whole of Central Europe. Trogir is truly a place of relaxation, breathtaking views and new experiences. The entire old town is protected under UNESCO. Most of the monuments are located in the city center, but there are also many surrounding places. The city is very small, so I would advise you to explore the whole city because it is impossible to get lost and you will see many interesting things. In the city on the main square you can see local music in which the famous local ‘klapa’ sings all day. You can climb the bell tower of the cathedral and see the whole city. Also, you can climb the Kamerlengo fortress and see the interior of the structure.

For entertainment there are many bars offering a variety of local and foreign music. There are many beaches you can go to. For those who are a little far for a walk, you can take a boat that goes regularly and is really cheap. In the area of Trogir, there are often fishing parties with good food and music in the summer, but they are often not advertised, so ask a local or us when the next one will take place.

In summer, the "Moon Dance" festival is held every year in the old Kamerlengo Fortress. It is a party that lasts 3 days with techno, house and other music.