Mostar is definitely one of the most visited cities in Bosnia, thanks to the extraordinary natural beauty, architecture and, of course, the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage List, the Old Bridge. It features beautiful Ottoman architecture, with lots of traditional restaurants, markets, mosques and other historic buildings. We discover the most important things to see and do in Mostar and its surroundings.

Source: TZ Mostar

What should you visit?

  • Old Bridge one of the most famous attractions in Bosnia. The bridge was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century and shows typical Islamic architecture and their fine engineering. Below it passes the river Neretva and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Monastery Blagaj
    from the 16th century. The monastery is located at the foot of a cliff, overlooking a beautiful natural pool and waterfalls. Today the monastery has a restaurant with a picturesque view of untouched nature. The monastery is open for sightseeing.
  • Čaršija in the heart of Mostar's picturesque Old Town is its market or as they call it the bazaar. It is located on both sides of the Old Bridge. The market has a distinctly Eastern feel, thanks to historical Ottoman influences, at stalls selling rugs, painted plates, copper items and souvenirs.
  • Jumping off the bridge is one of the key activities in Mostar revolves naturally around its famous bridge: jumping off a bridge happens mostly during the summer months and involves trained professionals jumping from the top of the bridge to entertain the crowd. The distance between the top of the bridge and the river below is about 20 m, so this can only be taken by professionals or tourists who have previously taken the course.
  • Kriva Ćuprija for a smaller and less touristy version of the Old Bridge, it is worth visiting Kriva Cuprija. It is older than the Old Bridge, and is considered to have been built as a kind of rehearsal for the later construction of a larger and more famous bridge. It has only one arch, so it is relatively small, but it still represents typical Islamic architecture.


Itinerary of the tour:

09:00 - Optionally within the Makarska Riviera
11:30 – Free time to explore Mostar
14:30 - Departure 
17:00 - Return to Makarska

*The itinerary changes depending on your preferences.

 Language guides:

*Other languages ​​on request

Source: TZ Mostar

Price of the private tour

1-3 235,00€ + 40,00€ local guide
4-8 250,00€ + 50,00€ local guide
9-15 300,00€ + 80,00€ local guide
*The price refers to the group
*You can completely customize your tour. You can choose to visit several places on the way to Mostar such as Kravice Waterfalls

 Price include:

  • Private professional driver
  • Fuel costs

Price not include:

  • Lunch at free time

Source: TZ Mostar

We suggest you take it with you:

  • Camera
  • Casual outfit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Cash - a lot of coffee shops and restaurants in Croatia do not accept card payment
  • Passport - We will visit Bosnia & Herzegovina and every passenger needs to have passport


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