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What to do in Split?

Want to know what to do in Split Croatia? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this post, we share the best things to do in Split including top attractions, activities, and day tours.

Did you know that Split is one of the most exciting Croatian towns? Split has a special atmosphere. The city is old, historic, also chaotic, sometimes wild, and often rebellious, but it is a city that leaves its mark on every visitor.


Here is our list of the top things to do in Split.



How to find perfect villa for holiday in Dalmatia

You’ve decided to choose Dalmatia as your holiday destination,good call! The next step is to choose the right accommodation for your holiday. Villas in Dalmatia are the ideal choice for holiday accommodation. They offer privacy, freedom and a lot of space to relax and unwind. With our wide range of Villas in Dalmatia, it can be hard to know where to start. We can help you to find the perfect villa in Dalmatia just for you.

One of the huge advantages of renting a large property is that a gathering of family or friends can share not only the catering, but the costs as well.

Here are some useful tips from us on how to find the perfect holiday villa to suit your needs!


The best villas to rent in Dalmatia in summer 2021

If you're looking for a luxury vacation, choose one of the modern, fully equipped villas in Dalmatia from our offer. Afford luxury vacation you can only dream about for yourself. Our every single villa in Dalmatia is chosen for its unique, beautiful location so you can experience unforgettable moments while in it. Go through beautiful destinations with largest selection of villas on our website: Makarska,Split,Dubrovnik,Hidden Dalmatia,Istria and Islands. 

This is our top 10!


What to do in Makarska?

In this article we bring you the most beautiful attractions in the city of Makarska as well as various other facilities and places that we are sure you will love. You may have already heard of some but keep reading until the end because we are sure you will be surprised with some of the hidden beauties we bring to you as residents of this beautiful city.

Do you like sightseeing? Maybe you prefer concerts and nightlife or spending time in nature. Maybe you want to spend most of your time on the beach or try traditional dishes in restaurants.

Don't worry, this city has it all!
Discover Makarska with us!


Dog friendly villas in Dalmatia

Since we have written an article about beaches for dogs in Dalmatia, to facilitate the process of choosing a holiday destination, it is time to write you a list of some of our villas with pool in Dalmatia where pets are welcome.

If you have a pet and want to take it with you on vacation, a villa where you can take your dog certainly plays an important role in choosing a vacation destination, I hope this article helps you with your decision.

TOP 10 dog friendly villas in Dalmatia!


Dog friendly beaches in Dalmatia

Due to the increased number of reservations from our guests with their furry friends, we decided to make it easier to plan a trip and write a list of dog friendly beaches in Dalmatia.

If you have a pet and want to take it with you on vacation, the beach where you can take your dog certainly plays an important role in choosing a holiday destination. That is why we bring you list of every dog friendly beach in Dalmatia!