14th Mediterranean Film Festival in Split

14th Mediterranean Film Festival in Split

The Split International Mediterranean Film Festival (FMFS) is a six-day screening of films from the Mediterranean area that Split, as well as Croatian audiences, do not have the opportunity to see in regular cinema distribution.

About the event

The Split Mediterranean Film Festival has established itself as one of the highest quality and most popular cultural events on the Adriatic, and its positive spirit is recognized every year by about 20,000 visitors. The focus of FMFS's competition programs are films from Mediterranean countries, and through accompanying programs the audience has the opportunity to get to know the cinemas of other European and world regions. But the smell of a century-old pine tree and the sound of the sea, a sandy beach, smiling faces during nightlife ... all this visitors get as a bonus during the ten days of FMFS.

About the location

It is becoming more and more common to ask for more tickets for evening screenings at the Bačvice open-air summer cinema, so no one complains about sitting on a wall or watching a movie from a beach towel. Moreover, it is this casualness that gives FMFS an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. During the day, screenings are held in the beautiful Golden Gate Cinema, located within the 1700-year-old Diocletian's Palace. In addition to feature films, great attention is paid to short film programs, guest appearances of prominent domestic and foreign film workers, but also the promotion of young authors who increasingly choose FMFS as a place to promote their films. In addition to film screenings, education and socializing with guests from the industry, FMFS is also known for its festivities in the summer cinema "Bačvice", which come as an ideal warm-up for the coming summer. What makes the Split Mediterranean Film Festival different from the others is the decision to continue spreading the positive energy that reigns in Split. Since 2012, FMFS has been organizing Kino Mediteran, a cinema revitalization project in Dalmatia whose main goal is to revive cinemas and bring film programs to smaller areas on the islands, coast and in Zagora, where cinemas have been closed for years. The program is held in 30 cities, lasts throughout the year, and in 2019, 858 screenings were visited by 59,070 spectators.

Place and time

If you are already planning to be in Split in June because of all this, don't worry, you won't be the first: we have already heard about cases when vacations are planned in the dates of the Festival. During the day, screenings are held in the beautiful Zlatna vrata cinema, which is part of the 1700-year-old Diocletian's Palace, while evening screenings are held at the Bačvice open-air summer cinema.

Therefore, write in your calendars 17.-26.06.2021 We are waiting for you.

Summer starts on #fmfs!

  • Date
  • 17.06 - 26.06.2021
  • Location
  • Split